The Natural Hair & Locking Center - Created With Just You In Mind
Transitional Styles & Custom Locks
Before you decide to cut off your relaxed hair or go with a boy cut I have the PERFECT solution for you as you TRANSITION into your new natural look !
Many clients have come with stories of extreme cuts and chops only to achieve a look of locs that was not desirable and caused alot of frustrations for the professional woman.
Below are my hair creations that last for a full year ! You have the right to look cute all day and every day and do not have to go through the "UGLY" phase of transitioning or locking your hair.
I have created a way that you can have more than 300 individual twist locks,swim,walk in the rain, or shampoo your hair when you want !
Does it sound good so far ?
I use a special fiber hair that gives you a different look every 6 months and your hair is locking in the process !
If you have determined that you will look good every
day and all day in your transition from relaxed to natural and willing to make an investment for your new look I look forward to your call today !
(After Picture)
Lady Z, You're looking
Fabulous !
Custom Loc Extensions styled same day - WOW !!
Thank You C. Kumani,
Your hands are Blessed !
Before Picture of Lady KS !
Day One - 14 Hours Session
7  Weeks Later (See Below) 
        I LOVE MY HAIR !
                  OH MY !
            IT'S LOCKING
  WOW ! I'm There ! Yes !!!
         A Celebrity Stylist
     for a Celebrated People